Creating pathways to self-sufficiency through access to education, medical support, and foster care.

Ella-Pauline has worked in-the-field in Kenya’s Rift Valley region on a humanitarian mission trip serving vulnerable children, orphans and widows by providing pathways to self-sufficiency through education, in-family foster care, nutritional assistance, health care, literacy, and community building.

Awaken Arts

Healing trauma through the arts.

Ella-Pauline is a volunteer mentor at Awaken Arts, a 501c(3) organization, that provides a safe space for at-risk youth to express themselves through unique art programs designed to use the arts as a pathway to healing. These programs foster a collaborative and open environment focused on the belief that when we create together, we heal together.

The youth are juveniles who voluntarily enter military boarding facilities for six months to finding their light and path in life. As a survivor of trauma and dark times, Ella-Pauline encourage others to find their light and trust that they are deserving of living a full life. Through speeches in front of all cadets, she creates a gateway by sharing her story and pathway to actualizing healing and growth.

Over four weeks, her small group curriculum creates openings for students to process the complexities of their trauma through exploring filmmaking, story, photography fundamentals and technique, acting and letting go.